Homeless children

The Ministry Of Social Solidarity launched a national program to rescue homeless children called “The Homeless Children Bus” under the slogan “We Are With You.”

This service provides well-equipped buses roaming the streets 24 hours a day looking for homeless or missing children.

These buses are not your normal commuting buses; they have a PlayStation, a screen and a variety of games and toys including balls and drawing kits.

Also, each bus is basically a moving clinic with a team of specialists working at all times.

There is a therapist, a social worker, a behavioral specialist, a bus administrative, a nurse and a driver. All working to try and attract the homeless children and get them to open up to them and talk so they know their stories and help them.

After they save them from the streets, the children are taken to the care centers of the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

Those who were missing or ran away from home are eventually sent back to their homes where they are reunited with their families. While those who have no homes get to stay in the ministry’s care centers where they’re looked after by professionally trained caretakers.

Right now, there are 17 bus units roaming the streets of 10 Egyptian governorates and so far they have handled 502 cases, of which 103 were sent to the ministry’s care centers and 59 sent back to their homes.

The problem of homeless children is very common in our country. We see them everywhere we go on a daily basis. However, we are often left hand-tied and helpless to do anything to truly help them.

This ends now!

This innovative solution has the ability to actually end this problem. However, we ALL have to help!

From now on, whenever you see a homeless child on the street, you can actually do something about it.

You can report it to “The Homeless Children” services by calling one of these numbers: 16439, 01095368111.

It’s a simple phone call but it can do A LOT! So don’t hesitate!