Ramadan is known for its serenity, great food, family gatherings, TV series and those amazing ads in between. Every single year, companies compete to deliver the best, funniest, most captivating ad and we must agree that the competition is fierce.

But some companies really don’t get it at all, to the extent that they appear to be competing for worst ad of the year. We’ve complied our own list of ads that we disliked this year, check it out and let us know if you feel the same way.

#1: Zain

This ad is painful on so many levels. Yes, it might show to the whole world how Palestinians are living. And yes we all feel bad about it, wishing that they’d be free of any invasions. But having a kid beg, in the name of the nation, to politicians and presidents for freedom is too degrading. This ad brings nothing but shame to the Arab region. Because guess what? It wouldn’t free Palestine either.

#2: Etisalat

The theme of this ad is how they are very generous to the extent that they are ‘mezawedenha‘. What we’d like to say is that you really can’t top this. This ad has a weird combination of actors, where you feel overwhelmed with what is happening. We expected more of you. Especially, after raising the bar for Ramadan ads over the past few years.

#3: Atyab

Yes, some might be ignorant (myself included) not knowing who this person is, who, by the way, is Tony Hanna, but what is this ad? It is scary and repulsive. You’d think that any publicity is good, but in this case, it isn’t!!!

#4: Resala

This ad shows nothing but the very low marketing budget that Resala allocates to its ads. A couple of years ago all non-profit organizations that are asking for donations took another turn in the world of ads. They all started creating these hopeful ads, where you actually feel like wanting to donate all that you have. But this ad did not.

Not to mention the fly that keeps appearing in Nelly Karim’s part, or that ‘death’ word on Hisham Maged’s shirt (before they photoshopped and removed it).

#5: Dice

What even? It is annoying on all levels possible. If I hear anyone say ‘sahby’ one more time, I’ll probably lose it.

#6: Cottonil

Apparently, Dice’s biggest competitor also promotes its products through its low budget very poor ads. All they did was get ladies that are hot and pose, we thought we were over that!

#7: Obour Land

The only justification for such ad is wanting to create one that has no purpose in life. This is a very random ad that does nothing but waste your budget and our time.

#8: ICity

This series of ads was much better when Ahmed Ezz was part of it along with Maged El Kedwany. Yes, we do love Donia, but the idea of the ad itself sucks. We can’t see the chemistry between both actors, and it just makes it seem like Fawazeer Ramadan wanna be. Not cool.

Did we guess it right? Tell us what you think, especially if you have more to add to the list!