While the idea of having the AFCON matches played in Egypt sounds amazing, realistically, we will end up attending just a match or two at the stadium, if any. This is why screening areas are the real deal this round! We get to watch the matches in lively areas, with good food, and still, feel enthusiastic to have the matches played in our homeland.

Since the start of the AFCON, the Identity Magazine team has taken on the challenge to spread all over the screening areas in Cairo to find the best spot! Now since the AFCON has been going for a few days, we feel confident enough to award the best screening area to Al Guezira Plaza.

Why was Al Guezira Plaza our top choice? Well, we have several reasons:

1) The place is actually created with the sole purpose of entertaining their guests:

With a brand slogan of “FOR THE LOVE OF (IN)TERTAINMENT“, you know that whatever you will do, you WILL be entertained. Now by entertainment, we don’t just mean events like the viewing of the AFCON, but also the facilitation of everything that you might end up needing to make your life easier.

From an easy to navigate venue layout, to easy and accessible in-door and out-door parking, and more importantly, having the whole venue being wheelchairs friendly, with the availability of handicapped assistance team at all times. 

2) You will get a unique viewing experience at the Plaza:

With absolutely no one being excluded from their viewing experience, you will get to enjoy the matches in the best way possible.

The big screens will be located all over the plaza, meaning that wherever you choose to sit, you will get a perfect view of the screens. Which takes us to the next point…

3) Wherever you decide to sit at the Plaza, you will still enjoy the match with no extra fees:

The plaza is extremely diverse when it comes to hangout spots, with the availability of casual cafes, fine dining restaurants, and everything in between. And whichever place you go to, they made sure you will be getting a good view of the screens.

You want to hang out at a fancy restaurant? You can watch the match. A drink? Still, watch the match. Just hangout at a cafe for tea? You guessed it, you can watch the match.

4) And honestly, the best part is that you can have shisha while watching:

One of the main reasons we don’t fully enjoy the stadium experience is that we can’t get away with our shisha, and we all know cheering is never the same without that puff!

If you’re a shisha addict like us, you will find several venues at the Plaza that offer you the shisha and viewing experience as well.

5) You can go all out with the cheering experience, and get your face painted!

Whether we’re talking about kids or adults, we all love face painting equally.

6) Going back to the venues, they truly are some of the best cafes and restaurants in Egypt! But make sure you book before you go!

If you go to Al Guezira Plaza’s website, you can get a look at all their available cafes and restaurants, which is important so you can make sure you reserve before you go. Especially during the Egyptian matches, the places will be packed!