Yokal, a fast-food franchise, recently released an official apology on their Facebook page. The apology was in effect due to negative feedback concerning the staff’s attitude, delivery and quality of the food.

Here is the full extent of the apology:

In a rare and bold move, the management acknowledged a shortcoming. The interactions with the post were also quite positive, thanks to the value of respecting the customer base.

Owning to this, we decided to give Yoqal a try for today’s lunch. We checked the menu and prepared our order.

There was no lunch today, and here’s why:

We called and asked if we can order, they told us that there is no active delivery at the moment. Of course, this is understandable and may be due to that they are working on improvements.

But that wasn’t the entire story, as we began to find out that there is a huge marketing gap; statements are something and what really happens is entirely something else.

In good faith, we decided to go the extra mile and head to the place and order. In all fairness, the place was welcoming and comfortable, with nice vibes; however, these vibes dissipated the moment we went to order from the cashier.

We talked with the people about the apology and that we were there to help encourage the positive approach of improving the customer experience. We found out that we will have to wait for at least an hour for any order to be ready!

Aside from the fact that we found a big gap in implementing the new approach, we didn’t get a chance to try the food and judge if there were any improvements.

“Fast” and “One-hour” orders don’t make sense in one sentence…

From what we experienced, it’s probably a marketing scheme—which isn’t backed up with quick, tangible actions. Let’s not forget the approach of Yoqal’s marketing, which can be perceived as borderline provocative and conceited most of the time.

In short, we are disappointed. We didn’t get to try the food. But clearly, there are other things that Yokal must work on—or at least close the gap between their words and actions.

We would say that we have a beef with Yoqal, but we didn’t even try it!

Source: Yoqal’s Facebook page