Yes, you read that title right, there is actually a holiday for pillow fighting! It’s like all of our childhood dreams are coming true! What’s next? Free ice cream for everybody everyday? Sunshine and butterflies and candy falling from the sky?! Okay, probably not, but pillow fighting is pretty sweet in and of itself!

Scheduled in early April, International Pillow Fight Day is no April Fool’s joke. It actually happened on April 2nd this year in Amsterdam, New York, Taipei, Budapest, London, Dubai, Washington D.C., many others, and it’s going to be an annual thing!

Who can say no to embracing their inner child and battling through a massive pillow fight? No one, that’s who. So go ahead and schedule it in your phone now, because this is something you’re going to want to keep posted on. You can check out the website at to see organized events and even organize one of your own!



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Happy international pillow fight day everybody #internationalpillowfightday #pillowfight #barcelona

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