What if we told you that after reading this your life is going to get 10 times better? And we’re not even exaggerating!

Whether you’re a university student who wants to submit a paper, an entrepreneur who needs to print flyers, an employee who wants roll-ups or even just someone who likes to have fun and get his friend a customized gift; this one’s for you!

Because technology is everything right now, Moudak, a portable printing station is here to prove this and make things way easier for you!



What’s Moudak, may you ask, after all the anticipation?

Moudak is basically an application and a website that’s pretty much going to be a printing house in your pocket, 24/7, ridding you of all the usual printing hassle!

Saving your life and time altogether, this project aims to serve you and bring anything you want to print to your doorstep, in no time!

No more standing in line at university to get your assignment printed, no more canceling a marketing meeting because you didn’t have time to print your banners, and no more being short in time to get your friend a customized t-shirt, mug or whatever you want imprinted!

How does it work?

First, you download the App. Then you upload the PDF you want printed or the picture/design you want customized.


And you also pick from the variety of options what you want this design printed on; a mug, a shirt, a banner, a roll-up, a key chain, a wrist band, a sticker and more.



Moudak You don’t just order to print a regular paper; you also have the option to print flyers, brochures, booklets and basically anything you could ever think of.



So if you’re short on time and need to print material for an event you have coming up, Moudak is the most perfect solution!

And you know what’s even better than this magnificent service? They almost take NO time in delivering your order. Just wait for around two hours and you’ll have what you want in a blink of an eye!

So you don’t even need to make the effort to go pick it up somewhere, because Moudak won’t just print your stuff, they’ll bring it wherever you are too!

If all of this wasn’t awesome enough, what’s even more outstanding is that this idea was turned into a startup by two Egyptian university students who thought of all the struggles that come with something as essential as printing to everyone in whatever study/work field.

So basically, the young minds are saving our lives y’ all and we don’t want to miss something as huge as this!

Download here:
Moudak Facebook Page
Moudak Website