OUT: The Egyptian zaffa is definitely out! People are sick of just standing there clapping their hands, watching the bride and groom dance on a noisy song, getting pushed by those weird moustached guys playing drums.

IN: Acoustic zaffa is the new trend this season; a guitar player, a vocalist, and the couple walking in on an acoustic song.


OUT:  Bridesmaids dresses are out! It has always been a hassle to choose a colour and a fabric that suits all types of body shapes, ages, and styles.

IN: Bridesmaids accessories are a common choice now. It’s easier, and satisfies all your girls.


OUT: Belly dancers!! People are sick of wasting an hour watching a woman move instead of dancing and enjoying the night!

IN: A band is a cool and new idea for weddings now since the music industry is growing in Egypt and we have fresh musicians starting their careers every day.


OUT:  The couple walking by the buffet so that people would start eating. ???!!!

IN: The buffet is open from the start and people could eat whenever they feel like eating!