It’s Easter weekend and we all have a little more time on our hands. If you’re looking for a good show to binge watch, we strongly recommend “How to Get Away With Murder” (HTGAWM)!

1- Mystery

We all like a bit of mystery and this show offers a ton of it. From the first moments in the plot, you are reeled into a web of mystery and suspicion. The show keeps you captivated through its dark nature; its flashback design makes sure you stay on the edge of your seat up to the very last episode!

2- Ethical Dilemma

Let’s be honest. In real life, good guys and bad guys don’t really exist. We are all just complex humans who possess traits from either end. A great story is one that puts you in a position to wonder who is right and who is wrong.


3- The Cast

Let’s start by stating how insanely attractive everyone in this cast is! Not only that, but they’re also unbelievably talented. If you won’t watch it for the eye candy, watch it for the acting.


4- Cliff Hangers

What makes “How to Get Away With Murder” a perfect binge watch is how it keeps you on your toes and constantly wanting to know what happens next. By binge watching, you don’t have to wait for an entire week to get answers, at least until you reach the end of season 2, then you have to wait for the next season to air.

5- Court Room Drama

Something about lawyers really makes good TV shows. The fact that this show is centered around a law school makes it that much more engaging. We really like watching court rooms for some reason, and we get plenty of bad-ass lawyer-ing in this one!


How to Get Away With Murder

  • 2 seasons
  • 15 episodes per season
  • 45 minutes run time per episode
  • Season 3 confirmed, air date TBA