It’s the weekend, and we all have a little more time on our hands! If you’re looking for a good show to binge watch, we strongly recommend ‘Jessica Jones’!

1- Female Lead


Okay, so Jessica Jones is one of the very few female-led Marvel TV series! It’s definitely not something to take lightly, seeing that she’s also such an amazing badass! You wouldn’t want to miss out on it. Not only is Krysten Ritter, who plays Jessica, a hardcore heroine with great superpowers, but Trish Walker, her normal foster sister, played by Rachael Taylor, is just as amazing and fierce! So, Feminism all the way!

2- Jessica


One of the greatest things about this show is how Jessica Jones is nothing like the normal superhero genre when it comes to character built. Jessica is not the perfect hero who wants to save the world. She’s actually dark, gritty, grounded and might even have a little bit of an attitude (a.k.a she might drink a little too much). But, it makes it all the more down to earth and genuine!

3- Compelling Story


Till now, the series has only got one season with 13 episodes, but you won’t be able to let go of it. You’ll definitely want to binge it all till it’s over, and then you’ll wait impatiently for the next season to be released. The story takes place throughout the 13 episodes, and is really captivating. Not only is it about a girl who’s got cool superpowers and about fighting evil, but it also has subplots! With Luke Cage, as her love-ish interest, Trish and Nuke creating a weird power couple, and then there’s Harper, the corrupt lawyer.

4- David Tenant is the Bad Guy

David Tennant visits AOL Hq for Build on November 17, 2015 in New York. Photos by Noam Galai

We all know him as Doctor Who’s tenth doctor. He’s obviously the good guy in Doctor Who, but he actually serves the role of the bad guy really well. He did play the role of a death eater in Harry Potter though, so you might recognise him from there too. He’s called KillGrave or Purple Man in Jessica Jones. His powers are even more fascinating than Jessica’s. He can control anyone with his mind, just by telling them what to do. It’s crazy. Also, without any spoilers, you might actually feel bad for him at some points when he’s committed atrocities! It’s all perverted.

5- Luke Cage Will Have His Own Series


As you watch the series, you’re definitely going to love Luke Cage and all that he is. He’s got superpowers just like Jessica, but he’s got his own storyline going on. So, they decided to give him his own TV series which is debuting this September 30th! You’ll definitely appreciate that once you watch Jessica Jones.

6- Amazing Action 


Being part of the Marvel universe, Jessica Jones is definitely not your regular drama. It’s got awesome action in it, and if you like fight scenes, you’ll surely appreciate it all. It’s not too violent, so you won’t get creeped out. It’s not horror either, so you’re safe to watch it alone. But, the spectacle’s great!

7- The Opening Sequence


The opening sequence is great, in terms of the soundtrack and visuals. It has a smart mixture of colour, giving a sort of sinister and gloomy feel to the series. It looks like a comic book that has come alive. The soundtrack’s tone goes really well with the visuals of the series; you’ll want to listen to it more than once.


Jessica Jones (Melissa Rosenberg)

Seasons: 1 (13 episodes)

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Running Time: 1h