It’s the weekend, and we all have a little more time on our hands now that summer has come into full swing. if you’re looking for a good show to binge watch, we strongly recommend Preacher!


1. Conventional? Ha, far from it

For those of you, who are quite tedious of the same comic books, shows andย movies, and we can’t be the only ones, this show is just for you, no masked heroes in sight. If you’re one of the moderates, however, we would advise to avert thy eyes, as blasphemy seems to be a main theme of the show.

preacher 2


2. Genius Created by Superfans

The show was created by hardcore fans of the original comic; one of the show’s co producers is Seth Rogan. Alas, the immense fandom shows through this pure TVย gold.

preacher seth rogan


3. Serious andย Comical

To put it plainly, it’s an absolute thriller keeping you on your toes, but every now and then, the right amount of ice breakers surface to keep you amused.

tulip trailer


4. Cassidy

Only the best character on the show, gives Bad-Ass a whole new demeanor. He adds a Scottish whiskey flavour to the show with the character’s comedic accent-filled one liners.



5. Oh and Tulip!

We’re in love with Tulip, like it’s just how it is. She’s the show’s main heroine, breaking hearts and fingers wherever she goes.



  • One season (Second Season-2017)
  • 10 Episodes
  • Episode run-time of 60 mins