It’s the weekend, and we all have a little more time on our hands now that finals are over. If you’re looking for a good show to binge watch, we strongly recommend Revenge! 
1. Emily & Nolan’s Brilliance 


Emily Thorne (The vengeful protagonist) and Nolan Ross took cleverness to a whole new level, and the fact that both of them will always have each other’s back is just splendid!

2. The Love Triangle …(oops heptagon)


Let’s admit it; we all love to watch a tortured person trying to decide between two other people. As for Emily, she likes to have more than two options on her plate. Whether it’s her childhood friend Jack Porter, the gorgeous Daniel Grayson, or maybe her partner in crime Aiden Mathis, who between them will win her heart?

3. Smart Women Lead


Don’t be fooled by the calm and hot exterior the women in this series show. Each and every one of them is a badass who has evil plans up their her sleeves. So when Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson go head-to-head and show girl power at its finest, they make this show impossible to resist.

4. The Fashion 


Let’s start with the men! Always dressed to impress in Armani suits and Burberry ties, Daniel is no doubt the savviest businessman alive. As for Nolan, we will never see the day where he fails to impress and captivate Revengers with his unimpaired taste in fashion. As for the women…let’s just say discussing their styling choices are beyond the scope of this article.

5. The Plot 


One of the many reasons this show is one of the best-ever written shows is the fact that it’s impossibly unpredictable. It’s dark and twisted and as soon as you think you’ve figured things out, circumstances shift ground. Also no one does revenge better than the one and only Emily.

  • 4 seasons
  • 22-23 Episodes per season
  • 45 Minutes run time per episode