It’s the weekend, and we all have a little more time on our hands now that it’s Eid break! If you’re looking for a good show to binge watch, we strongly recommend ‘Stranger Things’! 

1- The 80’s Nostalgia 80s stranger things

‘Stranger Things’ is set in the 80’s with an overall retro style. The series’ production design from old television sets to 80’s clothing and hairstyles successfully makes you travel back in time. The series’ colour palette itself gives a nostalgic feel! Also, Winona Ryder, a famous actress who debuted her career in the 80’s and has stopped acting for a while, features in the series as a main character, making the nostalgia all the more prevalent.

2- The Kids stranger things kids

The 5 kids are astoundingly smart and you’ll be amazed by how talented they are and how they manage to put on a role so realistically. They’re all geeks, who, as the cliché dictates, are rejected by most of their “cool” classmates. But, it all adds to our sympathy towards them. You’ll get caught up in their games and their walkie-talkies; you’ll want to be part of their gang.

3- You’ll Love Eleven 

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

She’s absolutely great. She only has a few lines, but her character as a whole will make you love her. You get a glimpse of who she is and what she’s been through with a series of recurring flashbacks. She’s got amazing super powers, and is able to control most things with her mind. She’s a little oblivious to societal “feminine” constructs which makes her all the more cool and fun to watch. Aside from all the horrible things she’s been through, you might actually want to be her.

4- It’s Scary, But Not Too Scarywinona

It’s good enough to satisfy your horror Adrenaline need, but it won’t give you nightmares! It’s a little dark and features a lot of kidnapping, screaming and suspense, so it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. But it’s not too explicit. The monster is really creepy and can make you cringe, which makes it all the more exciting.

5- The Musicopening theme stranger things

The opening theme is really gloomy, and thankfully, unlike most mainstream theme songs. It gets you in the mood straightaway; you might even want to listen to it after watching the episodes.

6- All the Sci-Fi Referencesstar wars ft stranger things

‘Stranger Things’ references a lot of Sci-Fi classics such as Alien (Ridley Scott, 1979), E.T (Steven Spielberg, 1982), and Star Wars (George Lucas, 1977). Something all film/TV show buffs would geek out over! There’s the obvious parallel between Star Wars’ Han solo and Chief Hopper, or Eleven and E.T’s little monster hiding in a house, and conspicuously the similarities between Alien’s alien and Stranger Things’ monster alien coming out of the wall. You’d notice even a lot more, if you watch it!

7- It’s Only 8 Episodeswatea

Till now, the series is only composed of 8 episodes, so it’s easily binged! It keeps you interested, and wanting to come for more. Thankfully, you’re not going to hibernate for more than a couple of days or so to finish it.


Stranger Things (Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer)

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery

Number of Seasons: 2

  • Season 1: 8 episodes
  • Season 2: TBA (coming in 2017)

Running Time: 55 minutes