Gone are the days when our hearts would ache for the authentic taste of Brazilian meats. Aqua e Luce Restaurant at Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers is now delivering us the Brazilian experience every Thursday from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm, we can confidently guarantee you that your Brazilian food lust will, finally, be satisfied!


The moment you set foot in Aqua e Luce, you’ll be amazed by its stylish interior. Its chic modern look will add a great value to your experience. At Aqua e Luce, you get to enjoy all sorts of delicious dishes with some very unusual, yet striking modern presentations. The interior and the place give the restaurant a charm through its contemporary look, that will leave you really satisfied with your visit, regardless of the food that’s being served.

But enough about the place, now comes the best part, and, quite honestly, the one we enjoyed the most, the food! The food choices at Aqua e Luce are capable of bringing you the full Brazilian experience. As we were first seated on our ridiculously comfortable tables and seats, we were greeted with Egypt’s version of Brazil’s traditional drink, A Caipirinha. It tasted so fresh, it reminded us of gentle tropical breezes. It is just one of those drinks that will leave you with a good, yet subtle taste.


Shortly afterwards, we indulged in their juicy appetizers from the rich buffet of salad and cheeses, and while we can’t talk enough about how flavorsome the salads were, we decided we owed it to you guys to recommend you to eat as much as you possibly can from the Ceviche Salad, because trust us, the moment you leave that place, you will long for just one more spoonful of that salad. Ceviche is very fashionable in Brazil where they serve it with plenty of citric fruits; this explains why the salad is delicious in a way that you have never tasted before.


As for the main course, there are two packages. First, the regular, where you get served with 8 different meat cuts, or the premium where you could eat 11 cuts of juicy meat. We obviously opted for the premium. Little did we know then, that the food quantity was huge. There was no way we could finish the plate with all the delicious appetizers we had already devoured. We were not surprised, however, with how tender and delicious the meat cuts were. After all, we’ve been told that it’s an all imported meat restaurant. Not to mention that the chef, Eduardo Bronté’s, reputation had already exceeded him. But to leave you with a review as vague as simply mentioning that the meats were delicious is hardly fair to the restaurant! I mean have you tasted their beef tenderloin? It’s just one of those dishes that is all about perfected marination that is tender not only on the eyes, but the mouth too! And if you’re looking for the full Brazilian experience, then we totally recommend you to dip your meat into the Casava crumbs they provide, and indulge in the most appetizing experience of your life.


They also serve a traditional Brazilian rice dish that is not like anything you’ve ever tasted or seen before thanks to the striking, yet deliciously pleasant, addition of bacon and parsley on it. The rice compliments the Brazilian Picanha steak well, since it gives you just the right mixture of tenderness and scrumptiousness.

Finally, if you are looking for a place where you could experience something different, while being served delicious meat on skewers that are carved directly at your table, then Aqua e Luce is definitely the place for you. Brazil is such a melting pot of colors and customs, and there is no better way to explore it than by indulging in its flavorsome cuisine in Aqua e Luce restaurant, the first Brazilian experience in Egypt’s hotels.

Tel: +(202) 02 22678485