There will always be a special place in our hearts for Chinese food, and luckily this week, Chinoix will satisfy our appetites. Located in Renaissance Hotel in New Cairo, it’s guaranteed to bring the sophistication back to Asian food.

As soon as you enter the space, you are met with this beautiful geometric wooden mural that has an ornamental Chinese vase and other wares from the Far East. The color palette of the interior is very warm, with red velvet furnishings to denote the space’s opulence. We found the porcelain statue of a peacock to be particularly beautiful and admired the care that was taken to decorate the space.unknown-1

We believe the true measure of a Chinese restaurant is how good their Sweet and Sour Chicken is, and we were pleasantly surprised by the one at Chinoix. It was just the right balance of flavors, and was particularly addictive that we devoured every morsel. And to top it off, we followed this dish with a plate of deep fried ice cream, where an ice cream scoop was encased in a warm biscuit shell that allowed the cold ice cream to ooze out decadently.unknown-3

We will definitely be coming here again to sample more of their sumptuous dishes!

Contact Details: 

Facebook: Renaissance Cairo Hotel

Instagram: @renaissancecairohotel

Tel: 0222406333