If you’re a fan of all things Japanese, then you’ll love Izakaya. Nestled in Guezira Plaza at the heart of Sheikh Zayed, this restaurant brings Nikkei Japanese cuisine to the area. 

Nikkei cuisine is a combination of Peruvian and Japanese food. This fusion of flavors puts together the tangy spices of South America with the technique and presentation of Japan, to bring you a truly unique dish. The restaurant offers traditional Maki rolls with a twist. There’s even a roll with a piece of steak tenderloin instead of fish! But if you really want to get your money’s worth, you’ll sample their main dishes.13126720_989794224460969_2961717_n

Our favorite was the Sweet Miso Chicken. The chicken itself was tender and covered in a thick Miso sauce that made the dish particularly savory. The sweet potato puree that complemented this dish added a whole other dimension of flavor, and was definitely a pleasant surprise compared to the usual side of potato and vegetables.

Izakaya gets its name from a type of gastropub in japan, where people would go to eat and also to get a drink. In addition to getting great food, you get the awesome beverages that come with them. You should definitely give their cocktails a try even if you’re not looking to eat there, because this place doubles as an Asian themed bar.12819052_940017979386563_605690163_n

Contact Details

Facebook: IzakayaCairo

Instagram: @izakayacairo

Tel:  01271116223