The best thing about trying different cuisines is that each one magically transports you to a different country. Pepenero brings the delicacies of Rome to the streets of Korba, Heliopolis. 

As soon as you set foot in Pepenero, a warm and homey feeling will sweep you off your feet. It’s located in one of Korba’s striking and architecturally old buildings that are overflowing with a rustic atmosphere. We appreciated the wooden bookshelves that are stocked with beautiful old books and the hanging black and white picture frames of Italian architecture snippets. The indoor area is very spacious and decorated with a touch of rural modernity with comfy upholstered chairs and wooden tables. However, we opted for the sprawling terrace overlooking the authentic view of Korba’s street architecture.


Upon scanning the menu, we were bombarded with all the gustative choices varying from pasta, pizza, beef, fish and chicken platters. Also, their beverages are not lacking in diversity as they have a wide range of cocktails that come in mason jars and taste as good as they look. After we placed our orders, we were served with an Italian bruschetta that is topped with fresh tomatoes and mixed with olive oil, chopped basil and garlic. We couldn’t help but admire the care that was taken to prepare such a flavorful and impeccable appetizer!


A real measure of any Italian restaurant is the quality of its pizza. We ordered their Pizza Rucola e Pomodoini as well as their Pizza Golfo Di Napoli, which is topped with tomato sauce and mixed seafood. We were happy to discover that Pepenero’s pizza is made using 100% buffalo mozzarella, which is creamy and buttery and instantly made our mouths water.


So for excellent service, a cozy ambience and big heavenly portions of well-executed dishes, Pepenero won’t disappoint. 

Contact Details: 

Facebook: Pepenero

Instagram: @pepeneroegypt

Tel: 0101 010 1342