Americana Plaza Branch
We’re always on the lookout for new Italian restaurants, and in our long, fattening and delicious trek to find little authentic pieces of Italy in Egypt, we’re grateful to have found Porta D’oro! 

The interior of Porta D’oro is mostly made up of wood and decorated with a lot of beautiful green artificial plants that give the place that extra serenity on a beautiful night or an early morning. It’s not exactly a breakfast place, but you can definitely go for brunch as the spacious exterior looks like it came straight out of Italy!


Porta D'oro

After the waiter showed us to our table, it didn’t take us long to scan the menu as there wasn’t much variety. Soon after placing our order, the waiter brought us complimentary garlic bread appetizer and it was butterly delicious. We were sad to be disappointed by their Beef e Pollo pizza as it was not their strong suit. We realized that the Italian authenticity packed within the place itself was lacking in the pizza. However, we recommend you opt for their pastas and main dishes because they’re superb.


We started with Zuppa Di Cipolle, an onion soup which was perfectly thick and yummy in flavor. Next, we had Lasagne which was cooked to sublimity, with tomato sauce that was rich in texture and taste. We also ordered their exceptional Pollo al Teriyaki and appreciated the fact that the richness and amount of the sauce still preserved the taste of the chicken. So if you really want to get your money’s worth, you need to sample their main dishes.
onion-soupchicken-teriyaki-pollo-al-teriyakilasagnaAfter we were done with the sour, we moved on to the sweet! Our favorite part of the night was easily the Tiramisu. The ladyfinger biscuits had just the right hint of coffee taste and it wasn’t too dense. After falling in love with it, we decided to go for another dessert and ordered the Chocolate Soufflé which was also perfectly assembled, as it was the right mix between fattening and light.



It was very crowded when we visited; there was a huge crowd and loud music. But we assume that when it’s quiet, it would also serve as a good romantic spot for date nights! 

Contact Details: 

Facebook: Porta D’oro, Americana Plaza

Instagram: portadoro

Tel: 192816