SACHI translates to ‘Child of Bliss‘ in Japanese. The name couldn’t be more spot on as we’re now the happy owners of blessed bellies. The restaurant has good food, the right type and volume of music, excellent service, chill ambience, elegant décor and lighting. It is perfect for first dates, girls’ night out, early dinners, late lunches and group outings.

Dining at SACHI takes centre stage. They want you to have a true dining experience where you enjoy a delicious meal and engage in a conversation without loud thumping in the background which is why they only have Jazz and Soul Playlists.



The menu is Mediterranean and includes a variety of beef plates that awakened our inner carnivores. To start off, we tried their Salmon Tataki, which was the right balance between flavour and texture.


We followed the appetizer with fettuccine and nibbled on buttery heaven until our beef arrived. The real star of the night had to be their specialty dish, Sachi Chateaubriand, which is the silkiest, most impeccable, flavourful 600 grams of steak we’ve ever had in our entire lives. The butter and the herbs complement each other greatly, and the plate comes with two complimentary glasses of wine.



They also specialise in Sushi, but we saved that for our next visit when our bellies aren’t so stuffed! Hope to see you there! 

Contact Details: 

Facebook: Sachi Restaurant 

Instagram: sachirestaurant

Tel: 01280902028