This weekend, the Heliopolis area gets a special treat with the newly opened modern venue, Skylight Restaurant & Café. They will surely be your favorite hangout spot, not just because of their contemporary decor, but also because of their international cuisine! 

The atmosphere of Skylight restaurant is pretty chill; it’s definitely a place where you can hang out with your friends after a long day of uni or work. We were especially pleased to find a bookshelf full of good reading material, just in case your friends happened to be late to the outing.12093483_985677218119312_1754782155_n

Skylight is not just a great place for you and your friends to chill; it serves a variety of international cuisines which is super if you and your friends fancy trying out different foods. So if you’re craving Italian, you can slurp on a spaghetti dish, and if you’re feeling like Indian, you can get your fill of curry. They even have Hungarian goulash! It’s the kind of place that satisfies all tastes.13754106_522294834640991_1525325364825265365_n

Contact Details

Facebook: Skylight Eg


Tel: 0110 005 1098