Don’t we all just hate it that brands, chains and stores always decide to branch to Egypt after our hairs have gone gray waiting? But when they do finally open, we’re not excited any less! The German restaurant chain, Vapiano arrived in Cairo in July of 2015 and ever since, it kept its promise to provide us with authentic Italian food whenever we pleased (within the working hours of the restaurant, of course)!


Vapiano deviates from the norm with its original smart card system; a serve-yourself system where upon entry, you are given a card that tracks your orders so you don’t ask for the bill at the end. The host will explain to you how the card is used first thing! The restaurant has four live cooking stations; each serving a different course. There’s a pizza, pasta, salads and a desserts station. And the best bit about the place? Booking a table is not a requirement!
VapianoThe ambiance of the place is simple and spotless clean with warm lighting. The cleanliness of the place is a top priority and it will be the first thing you notice. It will actually help in expanding your appetite.


We first opted for their Pasta Vitello as an appetizer (we do realize that a pasta dish isn’t really an appetizer, but the aroma was tantalizing and we were ready to completely dive in), which was a new addition to the already diverse and luscious menu. It was excellent, with the roasted veal perfectly complemented with the creamy Gorgonzola sauce and topped with fresh pineapples!


For our main dishes, we picked the Salame and the Scampi E Rucola pizzas. The Scampi E Rucola consists of prawns, rockets and black olives. The tomato sauce and mozzarella on both pizzas was heavenly and infused with rich taste. The crust was crispy yet chewy; the ingredients were all fresh and the tomato sauce was well marinated. The result was a perfectly crusty and saucy pizza.



We ended the night by ordering their Death by Chocolate poison and it was a heavenly way to die, just like the Smiths said. Rich in taste and texture, the chocolate was fresh and the filling was soft despite being exceptionally creamy.


All the food was fresh, excellent in quality and portions while the feel of the place is relaxed with a cosmopolitan vibe. You also get to enjoy watching chefs in scrumptious action; need I convince you more?

Contact Details:

Facebook: Vapiano Egypt

Instagram: vapiano_egypt

Tel: 0106 648 1091