One of the most common complaints we all often hear is how we wish we could break our everyday routine of just going to chill at a cafe with our friends, and how we wish Egypt offered more fun outdoor activities. Guess what? It’s actually possible!

Where Can We Finally Go for a Change?

Only 15 minutes away from the Cairo suburb of Maadi, Wadi Degla Protectorate is a rugged valley that is home to a wide variety of animal life including deer, hares, red foxes, reptiles, Egyptian turtles, twelve species of resident and migrant birds as well as 64 kinds of plants.

What Can We Do There?

It is always open for individuals and groups who wish to participate in outdoor activities. Set your fears aside and just enjoy. It will be a day full of of rappelling, hiking, zip line ascending/descending, so you need to carefully select your organizer in order to ensure your safety. Be prepared for a lot physical activities and end your day feeling full of positive energy.
If you want to go alone just for hiking or barbecue- you can also enjoy the Wadi Degla Protectorate- this attraction is suitable for everyone; young, adult, solo, friends but you need to be ready for a lot of walking and hiking.

When Should You Go?

Choose a time when it’s not too hot, because it can get quite unbearable in the summer. It is a good idea to visit early and in winter. Wadi Degla Protectorate closes at sunset if you’re visiting on your own, but you are allowed to spend the night camping if you’re part of a group. The entrance ticket will cost you 50 LE; group packages differ depending on the activities you sign up for. Get your own EVERYTHING; food and water supplies for the day, tissue, entertainment etc… It is really nice to go by car and find a nice platform or cave.

Gather up your friends or family and go on your own mini vacation away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo. Derive your own peace of mind from nature, but also have fun doing all the activities!