Say what you will about fine dining, but nothing will fill you up like a nice juicy burger. And with all the burger places serving up the same old, same old, it’s hard to find a place that’s willing to change things up. Except when it comes to Willy’s Kitchen that’s taking the burger game up a notch. 

Like any other burger joint, Willy’s Kitchen plays on that all American home style feel, with road signs on the walls and a red brick interior. But what we do like about Willy’s is that there’s outdoor seating which means you don’t have to sit cooped up in its cozy interior.13938339_1248345481882621_3282435701575734933_n

But enough about that! Let’s talk about the burgers, which are the star of the show here. If you love cheese and all things cheese related, then Willy’s Kitchen is definitely the place for you. We tried out their J’Poppers burger, an incredibly spicy but satisfying burger topped with cheesy jalapeño poppers, jalapeños and jalapeño sauce all to make sure that every last bite of this delectable burger is flavourful as the first. So, what’re you waiting for? Head on down to Willy’s Kitchen in Dokki and Nasr City today!

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Tel:  01280108858