The internet never fails to give us a never-ending supply of the bizarre but fascinating. Here is what we stumbled upon last week:

1. This blind expectant mother who receive a 3D printed ultrasound of her baby. Chapeau Science!


2. This amazing sculpture called “the caring hand” located in Glarus, Switzerland. It’s a palm tree, get it? Lol


3. This awesome dub of hotline bling with Donald Trump’s face. The more you watch, the funnier it gets, trust me.

4. This high-protein beer that recently got launched that will not give you a beer belly. Bring on the guilt-free binge drinking!

Barbell-Brew5. This amazing 3D Art piece that moves as you look at it from different angles. Patrick Hughes’ Superduperperspective is super trippy!

6. Talk about weirdly cool! A group of architects built an upside down house in Taiwan that is everything we’ve dreamt of.

Pay-upside-down-house (1) Pay-upside-down-house

7. This real-life Little Mermaid who gets paid to swim underwater like Ariel and entertain kids.

PAY-Melanie-Long (1) PAY-Melanie-Long

8. This amazing photograph by Photographer Susannah Snowden-Smith of an old sunken ship near the Cayman Islands. Honestly this looks too surreal, someone give this woman an award!


9. This artist who re-created Van Gogh’s Iconic bedroom and put it up for rent on Airbnb. You sir, are winning at life!

van-gogh-room-airbnb-art-institute-chicago-4 van-gogh-room-airbnb-art-institute-chicago-5