Aside from the excess of love, sweets and chocolates, Valentine’s Day in Egypt also witnesses its fair share of odd mishaps. We’re Egyptians, so naturally we’ve grown accustomed, even immune, to the weird things that happen around us on a daily basis. There are however limits and lines not to be crossed, even in a country that knows no limits. Let us know if the 2 below incidents left you unsure of what to make of them, like they did to us. 

1- Single for Valentine’s? Ask your sister out! 

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On the 12th of February (please note that it wasn’t even Valentine’s day yet), Cairo University Facebook page uploaded photos of an Egyptian guy who decided to take out his sister out for Valentine’s day. While we do appreciate the message that romantic love is usually emphasized more than familial and friendly love, this is not HOW you take your sister out.




2- Can’t get a date? Go for second-best. 


Yes, sure, Valentine’s Day is less cheery if you’re single and sad about it. You also might go slightly insane with couples all around you posing and having fun while you’re alone. To some extent, the first incident we can justify and stand up for. But, if you’re single and ready to mingle, going out with a huge panda teddy bear is not the answer. The best it can do is warm you up throughout the night, so 10 points for that. But, that’s about it. This brings back memories of our childhood when we would involuntarily hug the pillow at night because we want the warmth of someone’s body on our body, but we’re still too young to know what that means.