In the social media era, people can get famous for pretty much anything. The key is to just attract attention for a couple of seconds, get the views and that’s it. Here are some of the most silly, sometimes even dangerous, things Egyptians do just for internet fame:

Poor Comedy

Back in 2016, El Khalil Comedy grabbed attention with his hurtfully bad jokes. Legend says he started from like forever until he finally hit it with the famous “Twinkies video”. And on his footsteps walked many Egyptian-Rednecks, including the one and only FADY 3ADALAT.

At first, just listening to this guy’s breath on his super sensitive mic was so annoying. But after the second video, he kind of grows on you and gets your laughs with every breath he takes.


Originally, pranks used to be light no harm games that don’t get the video anywhere. Until some people took that to extreme mental breakdown; things so extreme that we don’t know if they’re actually real or just acting.

An example is Ahmed Hassan who got the views by pranking his fiancée, later his wife, then eventually telling her the truth with some love lines.

Weird Challenges

These are the hazardous ones; people just post a video where they are binge eating or facing vicious dogs, just for the views. People really put their lives in danger for the fame.

For a viewer, we’re wasting 13 minutes of our lives watching people stuffing their faces. For them, they are really harming their health. For them also, A LOT of views and money.

Bad Songs

This falls right after the “Bad Comedy” in number of views. “Rakebny el Morge7a” is a bad example that we still remember. We just don’t get how a so-called artist would allow himself to create something like this, claiming it’s just till they get famous. So far from the pattern we have seen, seeking fame with bad art is just one way down.

Commentary On Just Anything

Some stranger’s opinion on a random topic was something never considered. Probably until we heard Marwan Younes’s infamous “Begad?” commenting on the unanswerable Oscars’ question “What abawet your first Oooscars?”

Since then, we’ve witnessed the appearance of other channels commenting on basically anything with some memorable punchlines. One of them is Mohamed Q.

Being famous might be worth seeking for some, but more important is how you get there. Please guys let’s just stop encouraging lack of talent in order to give space for truly gifted people. They will in turn present enjoyable, and maybe even ARTISTIC, content.