New photos of a perfectly revamped street recently flooded the internet and were mistaken for one of those spotless European streets, but sorry to burst your bubble, turns out they were photos of our very own El Alfy Street in Egypt after it was renovated. The street is the perfect representation of a new beginning where beauty is enjoyed and appreciated.

The project started in 2015 and the idea was to renovate ‘El Qahira El khadeweya”, which consists of 500 buildings and branches out into Midan Ramsis, Tahrir and Ataba. The streets witnessed a 360 degrees transformation scheme, going from endless street vendors monopolizing the sidewalks to paved floors decorated by a floral pathway. The pavements are made from addressable plastic that can be charged through solar energy as an efficient way to save up on electricity. In addition, lights were added to speed bumps to caution night drivers.

Unfortunately, some people have greeted this transformation with
negative comments stating that the materials used for renovation are cheap and will be ruined by winter or get dirty again in no time. Some even claimed that the photos are all fake. However, the positive reactions outnumbered the negative ones with many expressing their excitement over how the streets now look exactly like Europe’s and praying that this initiative would spread to the whole country.

Could this be the light at the end of the tunnel? Are we finally going to enjoy the beauty around us? I think we are finally achieving that, so buckle up people because it’s time to experience the global satisfaction of walking through neat tidy streets.