If there’s anything everyone can agree on, it’s the fact that Coca Cola masters the art of marketing and advertising. 2014 has been a very delightful year for the company, all over the WORLD. Cola always tends to involve its clients in whatever activity they’re promoting. The new Ramadan coke ad “Coca Cola a7la ma3” has gotten everyone excited to see their names on the streets, cans or even TV. Here’s a few international ads that confirm that Coca Cola is more innovative every year and that they truly symbolize happiness. 


Is that just an empty soda bottle? Nope, it’s a squirt gun. Useless piece of trash? Nope, it’s a pencil sharpener, or the perfect rattle for your baby. Make your children happy. Give them Coca-Cola, and toys made from Coca-Cola. And if you have two empty Coke bottles, you can even make a dumbbell to burn off some of the calories you gained by guzzling both. What if we all lived in Utopia where everything was made out of Coke products? I think that is their next step.  



We all know how serious football games can get. We’ve all witnessed the Egypt vs. Algeria hype in 2009 and have gone through the whole hating on the rival process. Also, Zamalek and Ahly fans can probably relate. Italy houses the kings of ?_?????????_?_  in the world of football. Coke used that to their advantage in the most clever way and was able to break the hatred shared between the two types of fans. 


Another genius Idea, how shocking. Leo Burnett dreamed up a design for Coke’s plastic bottles featuring a cap that could only be opened when fit together with another bottle’s cap and twisted. Thus, you have to pair off to be refreshed. With that concept, who better to target than new college students looking to make friends on their first day? 


Hello Happiness Phone Booth is the new Coca-Cola concept that is composed of a unique phone booth that accepts bottle caps instead of coins for a free 3 minute international phone call, helping labourers in the UAE connect with their families back home more frequently. 

Are you on coke yet?