Grocery shopping is not grocery shopping if you don’t do or experience any of the following. It could be fun, and it could be annoying. We all have our own little adventures in supermarkets!

1. Taking a number twice from the ticket roll 

Let me just take two in case I miss out on the first turn attempt! And let me continue grocery shopping peacefully.

2. Eating or drinking while grocery shopping

Too hungry that you can’t make it to the cashier or even line? Grocery shopping can be that tempting!

3. Stand in two different cashier lines

Jumping around from one cashier line to another depending on which one is going faster than the other. Until we jump into the wrong one and get stuck and regret it. Want to avoid that? Stand in a line and make your sibling or friend take over another line.

4. Abuse the “delivery” or “small items” cashiers

Never have we ever witnessed those kind of cashiers not getting misused or not abused. There will always be someone trying so hard to go checkout past that cashier.

5. Goof around

Goofing around in supermarkets is the fun part. Be it taking funny videos while doing random things or messing around with trolleys!

6. Try all types of cheese just because you’re hungry

Cheese is a weak point to some of us. If we’re to count the amount of cheese we’ve eaten while ordering other types of cheese, we could open a cheese factory by now!

7. Stalk a handsome guy/girl

The supermarket stalking always happens! Either from a guy or a girl. Why does it happen while grocery shopping? It just happens! Instead of looking for grocery, we end up looking for the handsome guy or girl! GOTCHA!

8. Play dumb at the cashier line

It happens all the times and annoys us all. Who does it then? There’s always this person who’s meant to act dumb and just try sneaking into the line. As if they’ll go unnoticed! I SEE YOU THERE! “Someone shoot this person!”

Voila! Next time, don’t lose yourself in the stalking process and forget what you’re truly looking for! 😉