Despite the fact that fashion is for the most part related to women, and men have barely anything to do with it because it goes against the grain of the gender stereotype; a man’s shoe has a lot to say about him. So prick up your ear and let’s hear what these shoes are saying about their owners:

1. Loafers

1 Loafer

These shoes are comfortable, yet look sharp enough for most social occasions. This combination makes the guy who puts them on unpretentious and straightforward but he’s also lighthearted, and full of life.

2. Suede Buck


These are the shoes of a witty smart ass; this guy leads intellectually stimulating conversations. He can make you laugh with his clever sense of humor and has an uncanny ability to make anything interesting.

3. Vans


A self-assured guy will get into these shoes. He is assertive in public and gives the aura of power and control while still managing to maintain a sense of humour.

4. Casual Street Sneakers


Run! But not from him, run to keep up with him! A guy with these shoes lives life at its full speed. You better have an adventurous soul to survive the rhythm of his frenetic life.

5. Black Leather Dressy Shoes

2. Black

In these shoes, you will find a man, not just a guy. Though he is successful and leads a busy work life, he believes in classic romance. He will constantly bring you flowers and open the car door for you.

6. Converse

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.49.13 AM

When he puts these on, he might skip work to take you on a last minute road trip. He doesn’t worry too much about the consequences; he just goes to where the wind takes him.

7. Boat Shoe


That’s a guy who likes to be elegant but still maintains to do this in an informal relaxed way. He might be quiet but whenever he speaks it is always on the point. Keep this one around.