As someone who is absolutely not a fashionista, fashion blogger or an avid user of the #ootd hashtag, allow me to rant about the Egyptian fashion scene as impartially as can be. Do we have talented designers? Yes, we most definitely do, just refer back to my “8 Egyptian Fashion Designers on the Brink of Making it BIG!” article. Can we pull off and successfully organise flawless fashion events? Well, that is quite debatable.

Here’s your guide to what not to do at a fashion event, as both organizers and attendees. Think of it as your guide for generally socially acceptable etiquette of sorts. Thou shalt not:

Attempt to Start the Event “Fashionably Late”:


If you’re hosting and organizing the event, please refrain from keeping your attendees waiting. If the event is supposed to to start at 6 pm, it should start at 6 pm; if it’s supposed to start at 8:30 pm, it should start at 8:30 pm; if it’s supposed to start at 6 and it starts at 8:30, congrats, you’ve officially failed at doing the one job you had to do.

Dress like You’re Going to a Wedding or the Academy Awards:


There’s a very thick line between formal attire and semi-formal, smart casual attire. Please know what kind of event you’re going to and dress accordingly. Morning events and head-to-toe glitter and sequins don’t mix- sorry for stating the obvious. I do appreciate well put together outfits and attempts at being en vogue, but ridiculously overdressing kills any chances of that ever happening.

Hang Out on the Red Carpet the Whole Time and Forget About the Actual Fashion Show:



Just a reminder, you’re here to appreciate the fashion and applaud the designers’ hard work not to hog the red carpet and take a billion different pictures while striking the same “skinny arm” pose.

Act like You’re the Queen of England… Or Queen Bey:


I’m this close to walking around with a “You’re Not Royalty” sign at the next fashion event I attend. Drop the snobbish act; be yourself and actually have fun. You can actually smile genuinely in pictures; it won’t ruin your image.

Forget to Properly Train Your Models:


Rehearsals were made for a reason; lots of trials lead to perfection. Don’t send untrained models down the runway; the catwalk is an art that is learned and not simply inherent within any tall human being born with a chiseled jawline.

On an ending note, this was not meant as a jab at the organizers or the attendees of fashion events. I honestly do appreciate the fact that the Egyptian fashion scene is flourishing. I simply want our events to be of comparable quality to international events, because we sure as hell have talented designers with lots of potential. I’m not hating on the fashion scene; I’m totally supporting its growth, but I do have to call a spade a spade.