A teaser trailer has been released for Ahmed Mourad’s Tourab Elmas and we cannot contain our excitement!

In only 38 seconds, the trailer features 111 shots of the movie to the sound of Taha playing drums, just like Whiplash. There are many questions that the teaser poses, but it also looks very faithful to the novel for everyone who has read it.

First of all, who is Eyad Nassar and what is he doing in the movie? The character of Hany Bergas is still unclaimed, so the possibilities are high that Nassar might be the one playing this role.

Menna Shalaby is supposed to be Taha’s love interest. In the book, she’s a rebel who likes listening to Jazz and staying out late in clubs. Yet, in every shot in the teaser she looks like she’s either lamenting a death, or bracing herself for a crisis.

Diamond Dust

There are lots of bad guys in the teaser; low scale, and high.

There are two kids.

Who grew up, who are they?

Well, in a split second, the trailer shows only those who pay the most intricate attention to details that Mohamed Elsharnouby turns out to be Taha’s father. They’re both solving the mysteries surrounding diamond dust.

No Spoilers

But this movie looks like it won’t give any disappointments to the novel fans about any alterations in the plot.

Also, the role of Shereen Reda is given magnitude in the trailer where she appears 3 times.

That is a lot in 38 seconds.


Well, these are some of the things we noticed about the trailer. Tell us in the comments what you noticed.

Seriously though, what is Eyad Nassar doing in the movie?