Starting your first job after your last summer as a student seems like a nightmare you don’t know how to wake up from. Yet, when knowing what to expect, or generally, how the process is going to lay out, it makes it a little easier to cope with the stressful thoughts.

Not everyone is going to like you

Take that as a rule in life, not EVERYONE is going to like you anywhere really.

You’ll be stressed almost half of the time

Disregard whatever college or school stress you’ve been through, work stress is worse.

Your feelings WILL be hurt

Don’t take everything personally, because you’ll be placed in various situationsย where you’ll want to cry, but don’t.

It’ll take time to adapt to the new conditions

Typically, not everything is easy to cope with.

You won’t get the money you expect to receive

In any case, you won’t get the salary you expect, probably less, and maybe – in slim cases – more.

The time you spend at work isn’t as simple as you think

Imagine a hamster wheel, that’s it. Maybe working hours will be close to your normal school and university hours, but believe us it’s harder with work.

You will be criticized, a lot

Always think of criticism as constructive, or your hair will fall out.

You’ll need a “sick day” every once in a while

It may seem like work can’t break you, it can’t.. But, you’ll need a day off every once in a while or you will eventually kill someone.

You’ll have the tough work days your parents always complained about

Remember when you asked your parents to go out and they said they had a tough day at work? Yeah, you’ll get that now. Remember to reward yourself, you’ll need it.

No one will give you what you need to know

No one will spoon-feed you every speck of information you need to know. Instead, you’ll have to figure out sh*t on your own.

Starting your first job seems challenging when you’re oblivious to what you’re getting yourself into. Keep your expectations mediocre and your hopes high, and you’ll do amazing!