By: Amira ElSayed

When it’s almost your anniversary or your special someone’s birthday or even Valentine’s day, most girls are running around unsure of what would be the perfect gift to get their man. I’m one of you so I can’t really help with what you can get, but I can save you the trouble of telling you what to avoid.

1. Wallet

No, it’s too boring and men don’t like the hassle of moving things between wallets. They only use one at a time and it lasts forever with them.

2. Shades

No I don’t mean a place with no sun, I meant the actual sunglasses he wears and that’s a place you don’t even want to start! What if it’s too round for his face? What if his face is too round for the frame? It’s just never going to fit right. It’s like trying to find the perfect black cocktail dress for a girl.

3. Cufflinks 

Yes they’re affordable and elegant and every man out there should own a pair, but let’s be realistic. Is that really something he thinks about getting regularly, also how many times do you think he’ll ever wear them?

4. Artistic Material

If you had a specific book, band shirt or some kind of artwork in mind, it probably isn’t the same thing he had in mind. It might be from his favourite band or author, but it still isn’t precisely how he visioned it.

5. Electronics

Let’s be realistic, it’s way above anyone’s budget nowadays.

6. Sports Goods

Now you’ve finally hit the jackpot! But that is if you were actually interested in all the times he talked about his favourite sport and team and know what they actually are.

7. Your Go-To Option

Perfumes are everyone’s go-to option in the end when all the above seems to fail. It works for both genders and most people wear it.

Maybe you’ve been with your partner or special someone long enough to be able to know exactly what gift to get them, but it’s always better to be creative and think out of the box!