Worldwide youth unemployment rates are high, bordering a rate of 200 million unemployed – or poorly employed –  young people. In an attempt to change the status quo, Vodafone has created the Youth Digital Tool.

Through Vodafone Egypt’s website (Future Jobs Finder), youths will be able to access a personality test that will recommend the most suitable career for them accordingly. Not only does it find them a job, but it also provides them with tips for resume writing and interviews.

The Youth Digital Tool is designed to perform psychometric tests on those who use it to pinpoint their interests and capabilities. Upon identifying those, the tool then assigns them to a certain job category in the digital economy. The user is directed to specific opportunities in their surrounding area, including those with Vodafone.

The tool also provides relevant digital skills elaborated online. On completing the tests, users receive tips and tricks to help them land their jobs easily.

The goal is to help millions of young people around the world to find a secure occupation and live well above the poverty line. In addition to facilitating the chances for young people to find a secure career, Vodafone announced plans for a significant increase in the number of under 25’s hired for internships and apprenticeships in the different company branches.

The aim is to teach those who are temporarily employed significant skills that can be used in other occupations, for example teaching high school girls digital coding.

Thank you Vodafone for your immense efforts to better the living conditions of youths worldwide!

Video: Vodafone Future Jobs Finder