For a fact, this year’s World Cup festive moments have spotted the light on some of our favorite footballers’ reactions in victory, defeat or even injury! The thing which is making us wonder, what would be the imaginary profession of these legendary icons if they weren’t footballers?

Cristiano Ronaldo – Food Taster

A food taster? Maybe!

Ramos – Judo Fighter

Infamously renowned for serious injuries he caused to numerous players, Ramos can’t be anything but an international MMA fighter!

Neymar – Actor

Neymar Jr would probably be a certified actor with no competitors!

Mohamed Salah – Lifeguard

Because he’s our ultimate life savior, nothing would suit Mohamed Salah more than being a lifeguard! He’s already ready!

Suarez – Serial killer

Yeah! Apparently Suarez would be a master killer, only using his teeth!

Cavani – Tarazan

Tarazan, is that you? The reason why we always imagine him living on a tropical island and having a coconut for dinner is still vague!


So when the time comes and they are ready to retire from professional football, these players won’t have to worry about finding other impressive professions!