Egyptian horoscope

As creators of basically everything amazing in the world, it is no surprise that ancient Egyptians had their own horoscopes. They actually had two, one traditional and one influenced by the Babylonians and the Greeks. The first is real confusing, (but you can read more about it here), so we are going to look at the one closer to what we are used to. But it’s still really cool, because isn’t it more awesome to be a Sphinx than a Capricorn?

Osiris, God of the Underworld

March 27 – April 25

Egyptian horoscope: Osiris

Perhaps having the god of the underworld as your sign could be a bit confusing, but actually this sign is characterized as being helpful, adventurous, confident, and enthusiastic. Perhaps a better way to look at this misunderstood and perplexing sign is as “renewing and rebirth,” as you like to make things new and exciting. This also gives you an edge in entrepreneurship.

Amun, God of Construction

April 26 – May 25

Egyptian horoscope: amun

If you were born under the sign of Amun, you are fortunate enough to be one of the athletic and hard working signs. You are unbelievably strong, both physically and emotionally, which makes you a natural leader and organizer. While very practical and self-confident, you may find yourself sometimes intolerant and angry when others don’t listen to your advice.

Hathor, Goddess of both Sky and Earth

May 26 – June 24

Egyptian horoscope: Hathor

Hathors are kind of like the cheerleaders of the signs. Very emotional and expressive, you not only enjoy everything around you but make sure others do so as well. Other strengths include being incredibly charming and romantic, which can help you get what you want. Your weaknesses include being easily riled up by strong emotions.

Phoenix, Bird of Life and Resurrection

June 25 – July 24

Egyptian horoscope: Phoenix

Yes, the Phoenix gets its own sign in the ancient Egyptian horoscopes! Everyone else be jealous. If you are a Phoenix, you can make anything happen from scratch. You are insanely optimistic and encourage those around you to also believe in the impossible. Or, as you might like to say, the “possible.” You like to take risks others wouldn’t dare, which can have huge payoffs. Your weaknesses can include being dreamy, unrealistic, and possibly a bit stubborn, but at least you are inspiring others.

Anubis, Guardian of the Underworld

July 25 – August 28

Egyptian horoscope: Anubis

Anubis are known for unchallenged determination. You never take no for an answer and are respected for your self-confidence, strength, and control over any situation. You don’t like to leave anything unfinished. This can cause you to be a bit pushy and arrogant, but you always have the best of intentions. As Guardian of the Underworld, we wouldn’t be surprised if some of your closest friends were born as Osiris, God of the Underworld.

Thoth, God of Learning

August 29 – September 27

Egyptian horoscope: Thoth

Introducing the “nerds” of the horoscopes. You may have been teased your whole life for your attention to detail and fettish for learning, but don’t worry, your accuracy and problem-solving will help you get the last laugh as you succeed in your career. Those born under Thoth are usually self-disciplined and able to master anything they put their minds to. This doesn’t make you arrogant, but rather you listen to others to help you solve problems. You may be a bit impatient and rash, though.

Horus, God of the Shining Sun

September 28 – October 28

Egyptian horoscope: Horus

It may seem redundant to say that if you were born during the sign of the “shining sun,” you are going to have a bright personality, but we had to say it anyway. You are optimistic, a social butterfly, and love to brighten the lives of those around you. But you are not all sunshine and rainbows. You would stop at nothing to protect your family’s safety and reputation. You also can be a bit unrealistic and stubborn.

Wadget, Goddess of the Royal Cobra

October 29 – November 26

Egyptian horoscope: Wadget

You shouldn’t be surprised that if you are a Scorpio, you are also most likely a Cobra in the ancient Egyptian horoscopes. Naturally a bit feisty, Cobras are also ambitious, opinionated, and cautious. Incomparably dedicated to your family, you love traditions and making memories with your family and close friends. The cobra is also the symbol of knowledge, so you tend to be a bit rational and cautious while making decisions.

Sekhmet, God of War and Rivalry

November 27 – December 26

Egyptian horoscope: Sekhmet

Now that’s an exciting horoscope! The god of war and rivalry! Many world champions share this sign, because you can adjust easily in difficult times which can make you come out ahead. You are incredibly witty and on the run, all while being optimistic. This rush to get things done can make you a bit impatient and cranky with those around them, but your sense of humor helps you blow it off.

Sphinx, Treasure Guardian

December 27 – January 25

Egyptian horoscope: Sphinx

Get this, as the treasure guardian, the Sphinx was believed to be able to convert himself into the shape of any creature. So that means if you were born under this sign, you can change your attitude to fit any circumstance. You are very perceptive and discerning, and naturally very mysterious. You love to help those around you solve problems, and usually stay very grounded.

Shu, God of Sunlight and Wind

January 26 – February 24

Egyptian horoscope: Shu

Shu are the “do-gooders” of the horoscopes. You are conscientious and principled, and love to help those who need it most. You also are very creative and artistic, and like to use your talent to promote your causes. You also like to put a humorous spin on situations every chance you get. The only downside is you sometimes don’t like to take risks and therefore lose great opportunities.

Isis, God of Discipline

February 25 – March 26

Egyptian horoscope: Isis goddess

Following the sign of the Egyptian god Isis, you are honorable and have a very idealistic view of the world. You are obsessed with seeing problems and situations from every possible angle, using your natural knack for logic and intuition. You are quite popular due to your humor and kindness, but sometimes like to run away from problems when they get too tough.