If you’re a shisha lover like myself, then you probably have a go-to flavour whenever you go out. I’ve logged many, many hours sitting in a cafe puffing the old hubbly bubbly with a wide range of company, and I have noticed that there seems to be a connection between the tobacco someone chooses to smoke and their personality.

So I have taken the liberty to proclaim myself a shisha expert to help you understand what your favourite shisha flavour reveals about your personality. This list is also handy for when you hang out with new people for the first time. You’re welcome in advance.



If you’re always calling for another stone of the heavy, plain tobacco, that means you are a practical, down-to-Earth type of person. You don’t like change very much, and don’t care for any frills or drama. You may have the spirit of an easily irritable old man stuck inside of you, but when something genuinely funny happens, the twinkle in your eye will give away your sense of humour.



If your favourite flavour is the classic tofa7 that is available everywhere, that means you also are always available to be the listening ear when one of your friends needs you to be. You are patient and willing to give advice, but just like how this flavour changes in every place, your advice will change depending on your mood. Sometimes you are spot on, and sometimes you should just do the listening instead of the talking.

Lemon with Mint

Lemon and Mint

You have a taste for the finer things in life. You are elegant, classy, and have a great sense of fashion. You are also a smooth talker and very good with words, so people don’t always notice when there is a bite behind what you are saying. You don’t like to take risks with anything that might turn out to be below your expectations, which reflects in your love and professional life.

Bubble Gum or Fruity Mixes

Bubble Gum

You always choose something super fruity and sweet. This is because you are a unique individual who is never satisfied with the ordinary. You have an incessant need to explore and try new things, and are always pushing your friends to do the same. The only downside is you get bored and distracted easily, but your bubbly, energetic, and light-hearted personality make your friends love you anyway.



Are you more of a bateekh kind of individual? That’s probably because you are sweet and very caring. Just like the flavour is very gentle and pleasant, so is your kind-hearted character. You would never hurt anyone and only want what’s best for others. Bonus insight: Since bateekh is a staple summer flavour, you probably also love warm and fun days on the beach.

Cantaloupe and Khookh


These two can be grouped together because while they are popular, they are still kind of weird, outlier flavours. If you like to puff on either of these, you probably march to the beat of your own drum and don’t care what others think of you. At the same time, you are warm, friendly, and get along well with everybody. You probably are the one holding the conversation at the table, but can be perfectly find spending time alone.



Like the citrus flavour, you are peppy and fun-loving. While your humour can be a little sharp and witty, it is only with the best intentions of making light of a situation. Orange lovers are fresh and clever. You always make for good company, especially because of your positive vibes.



You have a strong, independent personality if grape is your favourite flavour. Grape shisha can be strong and harsh, which means you can give upfront and honest advice. You have to have a special taste for this mature flavour, but it probably reflects a quiet and mature character. You may not sugar-coat things, but your friends know they can count on you for honest insight.