How do you know your first love? How do we define it? Is it when we first get our butterflies? Or when our hearts skip a beat? If we thought about it, I think sometimes we might get confused about who truly was our first love! There are a lot of things that we experience for the first time each time we fall for someone, that what makes me doubt the whole concept of “First Love.”

Some people say that first love is when you have feelings for someone for the very first time, like when you get a boyfriend for the first time or even when you love someone who doesn’t love you back! But is it really like that? What if I had feelings for someone but later I found out it wasn’t love, it was just a simple crush! Every time we go through an emotional experience we find out new things about ourselves.

I think even if you felt for someone before, first love will always be the one you’d break all the rules for, it’s the one you wanna move mountains for. It’s not just a simple change of feelings, it’s the one that can turn your life upside down; it’s when you’re willing to do everything beyond your ability for them. So, our very first experience may not be “First Love.”  Butterflies are not a sign of love, our heart skipping a beat is not a sign, because when you truly love, you’ll have way more than just that. You’ll put your hope in God first that everything would go well because you’re so scared to lose that person; you’ll put that person before you even in your prayers.

Love is not just a change of feelings, love is scary. You’ll know you’re experiencing love for the first time when you find yourself actually kinda scared because you know you’re drowning too deep. You’ll find yourself wanting to complain about the person you love to them at the same time, which doesn’t make any sense! Love never makes sense and first love will always be remembered because it’s when you wanted to give your all to someone. You will always remember the moment you wanted to give everything you can and even can’t to someone!

First love is when you wanna be with that person all the time, it’s when you put your feelings on the line for the sake of your loved one. That’s when you know you really loved someone, and that’s when you can call it “First Love”! So, unless you didn’t feel all that, no matter how many relationships you’ve been through, then it’s still not your first love!