The Egyptian trap genre was pretty much at its peak right before the onset of the Coronavirus. The global pandemic didn’t stop the artists though from releasing new songs and even videos that went straight to the top summer hits. Now we see fresh tracks more than ever. So we’ve decided, being the loyal fans that we are, to give you a review on the latest releases!

Mashy- Abo El Anwar

Definitely hot. The recently released music video by our favorite Batman was a success. We don’t know, but Abo El Anwar was giving us this Maloma vibe that we couldn’t ignore. Also, we can’t wait to see how this star on the rise will develop his music even further!

Abyusif- Wala

SO HOT. Abyusif dropped this track about two weeks ago and we’re still mesmerized by it. Everything about it is good, especially those subtle beef hints. But did you guys hear that last part? GOLD, he needs to drop ASAP!

Shahin- Lew Lew

We hold Shahin in a high place, but we’re sorry this is a NO for us. We didn’t appreciate the lyrics nor did we understand the music video. And obviously, this duo with Basiouny is not working. But we believe Shahin will rise from the Lew Lew ashes!

Batistuta- The Magician

At first, we felt like “Mmm, we don’t know, but A for the effort”. But once you give it time, it’s actually really good and we can see why people went crazy about it. Keep up the good work Batistuta!

So guys, what’s hot and what’s not according to you?