New viral posts have taken social media by storm. Graphic designer, Amr Ismail, decided to take graphic designs to a whole new level. Ismail mixed the nowadays red-carpet look with the royalty and class of old celebrities. In other words, Ismail extended our celebrity crush list.

Hend Rostom
The sexiest most seductive lady on Egyptian screens, without a single bit of exaggeration.

Roushdy Abaza
There is a reason in Egypt we say she who didn’t marry Roushdy Abaza, never got married “el matgawezetsh Roushdy Abaza matgawezetsh!” And Ismail just proved it.

Faten Hamama
Dubbing her as “Sayedat El Shasha” was an understatement to the perfect lady model she is.

Naglaa Fathy
The pure girl with the innocent look, seriously just look at how gorgeous she is.

Ismail Yassin
The comedian who set the bench too high for other fellow comedians. I always knew a funny witty guy is what’s important.

Souad Hosny
Cinderella as she should be. Elegance, innocence, humour, strength and wildness combined, well that’s a mix that will always be one of a kind.

El Sha7roura as we call her, and that says enough.

And Ismail gave us a promise that he better keep.

Please don’t keep us waiting for too long, we will be on the lookout for more.

Ismail’s cover photo on Facebook says it all; “Design is so simple that’s why it’s so complicated.”