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We’ve talked before about what flirting is, citing it as a misunderstood art in Egypt.

Every art needs to be practiced, though, and while there are many guys who are willing to try but they have no idea if they should approach.

As of now, you can find out when to pull your moves on the right person.

But, how will you find that person? Well, there are signs.

How To Tell If She Likes You


The real guidelines come into play when choosing when to approach someone and when to just stop and give it a rest when it’s not going anywhere.

Egypt’s worst-told lie when it comes to relationships is that everybody is subtle.

If we’re being honest, no one is more obvious than they are when they like you.

If she keeps making eye-contact or if you catch her friends all taking quick looks at you, she’s probably interested. In some cases, if you don’t make the move, she will.

She will try to start any conversation with you; the sillier and more pointless the conversation, the better.

It means she’s really trying and probably needs you to help a little with the conversation.

Some girls will also be gigglier than usual, laughing at everything you say, even if it’s not funny.

If that happens, it’s a sign she likes you, not making fun of you.

Even if she is doing the latter, it’s usually in a loving way.

There are also many ways to tell if a person’s just not feeling the situation and that you should stop.

Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

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And if she’s not interested, there are tells for that too.

A general rule of thumb is to never pursue a girl if she keeps giving one-word answers or if she’s too closed off.

Even if she’s shy, you can tell when she’s trying to maintain a conversation.

If you ask her out for a bite to eat or to hang out, she’ll always be busy. Always. Yes, life exists, and people have obligations, so she will be busy some days.

But if she’s busy seven days a week and she’s not trying to find alternatives, then she doesn’t really want to hang out.

Even if you have a person who really likes you and you’re vibing well, things can still go horribly because of one key element. Time

Timing Is Key

Sometimes a girl can be genuinely interested, but the time a guy chooses will quickly turn her off.


That happens a lot in formal work situations and family settings, the two time-frames you shouldn’t really approach anyone.

The consequences will range from mild awkwardness to someone painfully losing their dignity and chances are, it won’t be the girl.

Most of these ‘not interested’ tells are obvious. Though, some signs are less obvious but exist nonetheless.

The hidden signs are usually small and easy to miss.

For example, the lack of eye-contact, which doesn’t place high on the list, but is very important because it’s another way of avoidance.

She might also constantly mention how she appreciates your friendship, which gives any hope for a romance the kiss of death.

By the way, friends get cornered in the friendzone. That’s the entire point. She’s trying to show you how much you mean to her. Even if it’s not in a romantic way.

So, maybe turning into a jerk because you don’t have a “guaranteed” girlfriend should be out of consideration.

This would be the time where we have to talk about the things you shouldn’t do at all, if you want an existing spark to turn to a flame.

What To Never Do

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No one likes an attention hog. Code for: don’t spend your time with her talking too much about yourself or how you’ve done this and that.

Sure, self-marketing exists, but tone it down a notch.

Conversations are a two-way street, so let her talk. If she’s too shy, then ask her, if you see she’s willing to be prompted.

Don’t approach anyone when they’re alone and clearly not in the mood. No matter what your intentions are, they won’t be taken lightly.

At this point, some guys may wonder “but, how do you know if someone is open to being approached?” Well, smiles are the key.

Don’t play the “chauvinistic (read: sexist) gentleman” card, it’s never attractive.

If you’re out with her at any place for any reason, don’t just assume you have to pay her tab.

In this economy, you’re both likely to be broke, more often than not. So, really, it helps everyone to not place that much pressure on paying.

Right now, you’re probably going “yeah right, and if I don’t pay, she’ll think I’m cheap”.

Here’s a simple solution, when the bill comes, ask her.

All girls are different. Maybe she wants someone to pay for her, maybe she’d rather split the bill.

What To Actually Do

Try to get her attention, give her a look—one look, not twelve seconds of staring—or a smile, and see how she responds.

If she smiles, then just like Amr Diab said, she’s open to knowing you. If she doesn’t, well, better luck with the next girl.

Another thing that also works is pickup lines.

pick up line

Yes, they’re cheesy and cringey too, but let’s put aside for a moment our disdain for all things corny and give it a shot.

People love laughing, so why not give that person you like something to laugh about?

So, You Did Everything and Nothing Worked


It’s very important to highlight this: if a girl isn’t interested and rejects you and your advances, just let go. Just stop, honestly.

No, she most likely isn’t shy. No, she isn’t looking for a better time.

The less you know the girl, the more likely she’s extremely uncomfortable.

Quit it and spare yourself (and her) the embarrassing roundabout, while it’s not horrible.