Going to parties and staying sober  is one of the most ironic things ever! If you’re not that kind of person, you definitely have a friend who doesn’t drink but still likes going to parties. Surprisingly, those usually end up having more fun than most of the drinkers. Many of the dilemmas drinkers have to deal with, are no trouble at all for their sober buddies! Here are some of the party struggles sober people don’t have to face:

They look better than you


They can control their posture and wear high heels without risking to fall. They don’t end up looking like hobos by the end of the evening with scary smeared  makeup.

“Hashrab eh?!”

Stella, or Heineken? Shots or cocktails? What type of shots? Sober people don’t really care about any of this!

They just hit the dance floor


While drinkers are still trying to get the buzz going so they’d hit the dance floor, sober people are already grooving.

“Kol el bartenders so7aby”

Sober people who always chill at clubs and bars are familiar with most of the staff, particularly the bartenders. You’d think the drinkers would know them more, but sober people are the ones who actually make conversation with them and know them better than anyone.

They’re rich!

They’re always the ones with the cash. While drinkers could spend hundreds, if not thousands on drinks, sober people just pay for the entry tickets, if there’s any. They could have lunch in a fancy place, then go to parties. No big deal!

El mazeeka gameela ya gama3a!

They actually enjoy the music, and the party. Others are too drunk to actually realize that this dude could sing!

They eat

Most bars offer amazing food, but none of the drinkers thinks of trying anything on the menu cause they’d rather spend their money on drinks. Sobers eat the crap out of this food; realistically eating good food makes you feel happier than drinking.



Said no sober person ever. They don’t care about el “avwara”;  they secretly enjoy watching their friends do cause it’s funny!

“Ma3lesh ya captain haraga3 3aleek bas”

Sober people never vomit in public or on strangers unless they’re really sick. We hope you feel better bro!


Fakreen kol el masayeb


Sober ones know what you did last night, oh yes they do! They’ll blackmail you if you ever get on their bad side. They control your life, basically.

They don’t go through the sobering up rituals

They enjoy the party from start to finish. They don’t spend time trying to sober up so their mamas don’t catch them drunk, or so they could make it back home in one piece.


“Meen shereb eh?”

They’re never a part of the bill argument. They’re the ones who only ordered a Pepsi.

They never pass out


Ana haso2 w msh hamout

They drive safely and don’t fear death on the road 3ashan homa gamdeen moot.