A lot of parents complain about how dependent their kids are, while many youth complain about how controlling their parents are. The list of complaints from both parties is endless and can go on forever. We are probably one of the very few societies that still wouldn’t let their kids, who are not so kids anymore, move out and be independent. Well, to parents: Stop spoon-feeding your children everything because they will forever be dependent this way. To youth: Start getting summer jobs during your teenage years and show your parents that you are truly responsible.

So when should you consider moving out?

When you start being independent, and this does not mean being able to cook eggs for yourself. It’s rather when you are financially independent and don’t need you parents to feed you and give you a place to stay; you can actually afford it on your own.

This won’t happen if you’re not as responsible as you should be. Starting on your own is a big deal; take it from someone who did! You won’t always have someone telling you what’s right or wrong, which believe me is something you NEED from time to time! You won’t have the food ready for you when you come home. Most importantly, you will be responsible for showing your parents every day that they were right giving you the freedom of moving out. After all, we’re Egyptians and this is not the most socially compatible thing to do.

When it comes to the ladies, they have to add safety and self-defense to the equation. Your parents will always worry about you; they might even worry about how the bawab will perceive you coming and going as you please without “adult supervision”. The key is self-defense classes. You should also be able to monitor your very own actions, which is hard believe me.

Why should we start moving out?

Because we need to grow before we start growing old. Yes, we as a generation have been spoon-fed way too much that the slightest load can make us feel too stressed out. Living on your own will help you mature more, realize things you wouldn’t have realized at your old folks’ place, take more responsibility for your own actions as well as broaden your horizons. Hopefully, this will result in a balanced person who can positively impact the community they live in.

Moving out can be against our culture, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing. It doesn’t have to happen at a certain age, only when you’re mature enough and ready to take such step. Parents please let your ‘not so kids anymore’ be adults because they are. They will always be young in your eyes, but that doesn’t mean that they should always be treated like they’re still 5. Our society needs more young people who can think, take their own decisions and make their own mistakes, only then they will learn and grow.