Customer Service

A new internet trend has knocked our doors but like many others, it’s not something to laugh about or preach this time.

It only made us pause and think that people need to immediately stop thinking that disrespecting workers in beauty salons, supermarkets, waiters in restaurants and all kinds of customer service, is fine.

What Happened?

A video of an ‘influencer’ who was attacking Gourmet Egypt went viral. In her stories, she explained that she was really furious with the branch manager who simply asked her why she was taking photos of THEIR products inside the supermarket.

While this could seem VERY normal to the majority who attacked the woman, she thought very differently.

She even tagged Gourmet Egypt and said phrases along the lines of ‘People are becoming very rude actually‘, and ‘We’re not going to ever get better, even after a million years’, ‘I don’t understand, what does it mean for him to ask me why are you taking pictures? What’s happening to the world?’ 

Turns out that she also called their customer service to complain, but they have not gotten back to her on the ‘issue’.

So needless to say, the reactions on the video have been insanely sarcastic because people simply felt that she was overreacting and that there are bigger problems, indeed.

Not to mention that she was taking photos of the products INSIDE the supermarket he’s responsible for, with no explanations given or approvals taken. Therefore; him asking a very simple and most importantly, a rightful question is not wrong nor a crime.

The Reactions of the Internet



In light of this incident, we would like to discuss how ALL OF US should really stop thinking that we always have the FULL right to bash waiters, workers and customer service, just because that’s their job!

The whole criteria of ‘customers are always right’ should really be understood and taken in through a different perspective. Yes, sometimes, maybe even A LOT of times, customers could be right and workers, waiters, and people who work in customer service are prone to make mistakes. And we’re not asked to always be patient nor give up our rights.

With that being said, there’s a concept called ‘Respect’. It’s those people’s jobs to serve us, but that doesn’t mean they work FOR us. Not every little act is a borderline error from their side; a situation like the Gourmet Egypt’s girl, the guy basically did NOTHING. And he was still trash talked and disrespected. Why though?

Why can’t we be decent and address our issues in a respectful manner – if there are any-? And why can’t we stop stressing on every minor inconvenience thinking it’s a huge deal, to begin with?

Please just know we’re dealing with fellow human beings who are only trying to do their jobs. If we think just a little before speaking and taking decisions and actions, things would be different. 

  • Habiba Moawad

    The store manager was well within his rights to ask the customer the reason behind filming the products in the store he manages. He was by no means rude or out of line, it was a simple question and he will not be reprimanded for doing his job with passion and dedication. Had the customer replied to the question with a simple answer “I am putting this on my story on social media” he would have thanked her for bringing good exposure to Gourmet and maybe even helped take the video.

    There are several laws & regulations in Egypt surrounding filming on private and public properties, however, at Gourmet we don’t mind people taking pictures of our beautiful products to bring good exposure and attention to the hard work we put into selecting, curating and crafting them. The power of social media is a double-edged sword and unfortunately the situation got out of hand and the customer is now on the receiving end of so much negativity and insult that she has had to privatize her public Instagram account and remove/deactivate her Facebook account. We do not wish for the situation to escalate any more than this; next time your at a Gourmet store and wish to take a picture or video, please just inform a member of our staff the reason and we will be happy to allow you to do so!

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