“3ashan enty bent” (“Because you’re a girl); which one of us has never heard or said a similar expression before? It’s the kind of expression which can be used in an array of contexts. It’s what our parents have used over the years to justify their restrictions, and what our friends have used to rationalize society’s constraints.

When that expression is fired back at me, and that occurs almost on a daily basis, I feel extremely offended. Why is being a ‘girl’ the thing stopping me form doing so many things? Why am I made to feel like the word ‘girl’ in and of itself is an insult and a buffer to my freedom?

I dare you, my female readers who are of age and unmarried, to go ask your parents if you could move out. I bet you anything in this world, their answer would be a solid ‘no’ followed by an unreasonable justification along the lines of “you’re a girl.”


Feeling sick of having the word “girl” thrown in my face like it’s some kind of limiting insult, I have decided that no, I will no longer, allow anyone to degrade my gender which constitutes a whole lot of my identity and I invite you all to do the same.

The next time you feel like you’re being put under the radar because you’re ‘just’ a girl, I urge you to allow it to make you feel empowered rather than powerless. Yes, I’m a girl and that is exactly why I have the mental, emotional and physical capacity to do whatever I set my mind to. Yes, I’m a girl and that is exactly why I know that the sky’s my limit.

I’ve never really taken “because you’re a girl” as a rational explanation for why society doesn’t allow me to do certain things and neither should you. So, the next time someone shouts that out to me, I’m going to ask them for a more convincing reason. It’s about time we all started challenging the illogical status quo.