Working out with your partner is one of the most motivating ways to keep active and staying fit. You would think that it is a bit embarrassing to sweat like a pig in front of your significant other, maybe it does at first, but later on, it gets pretty sexy when you both train as a couple.

Not just that, but the challenge of ‘who will become more fit’ or ‘who will lose more weight’ keeps you super motivated. Guys always think that they are stronger than girls, while girls always believe that they can beat their guys.

To make it easier for you, let’s compete against one another in one of these places or when doing any of these activities and see who wins.

Routines and Programs:

#1: T25 Program

This is a program that you can either download online or buy through Amazon. Shaun T is the amazing instructor who created insanity workout as well. He acknowledged that people are busy and don’t have enough time to work out; that’s why he created a 25-minute workout that suits people with busy lives. You train 5 days a week for only 25 minutes per day. There are three different levels and you have to go through them all for maximum results. Each day has a different workout routine that works on a certain body part. There are four people doing the routine, where one of them is a modified version. The idea of having a modified version is smart as not all people are skilled enough to do some of the moves. It is encouraged that you have a partner when doing T25 because it gets you to be committed.

#2: Stretches and Pilates

What is amazing about stretches and Pilates is that you don’t actually need a lot of time to do the routine, and you can see progress within weeks only if you are consistent. Ask your partner to join you for a flexible body that needs minimal effort and time.

#3: Single Leg Circles

Lay down on a mat with your shoulders down, with one leg raised up straight pointing to the sky and the other one bent with a flat foot on the floor. Keep doing circles with your raised leg and then switch after a specific number of counts. You will be working out your core, legs and back muscles.

#4: Criss Cross

Lay on your back with your hands supporting your head and your knees pulled towards your chest. Extend each leg at a time while having the other leg bent and switch.

#5: Push-ups and Pull-ups

Have two mats right next to each other, and start doing your push-ups and pull-ups. If you are unable to do the regular push-ups, then you can follow the modified push-ups instead where you have your knees on the floor. Have a couple of rounds daily and compete against each other, and you will find that exercising suddenly got a little bit more fun.



#1: CrossFit

If you want an environment that is already competitive and efficient, then this is definitely your place to go. You will be able to meet lots and lots of people and compete against each other as well. You will have a trainer that gives you a dietary plan and checks your performance along with your progress since you started. Not just that, but you can find a nearby spot because they are spread all around Egypt with different price ranges. It is also great that they have flexible timings, so you can go to a session right before work or after work, whichever suits you. You don’t have to stick to a number of sessions per week, which makes it flexible for the both of you! And don’t worry about the level of skills needed; you can be a beginner who only knows how to use the stairs.

#2: Yoga

Practicing yoga doesn’t only help you become fitter, but it also makes you feel more relaxed and helps you meditate which maximizes your inner peace and happiness. Doing this with your partner will definitely bring you closer than you can imagine because both of you will be getting rid of the toxicity of your daily routines. You will be less stressed, which will nurture your relationship even more. There are lots of places that offer professional yoga training all around the country for varying prices.

Some of these places are:

On The Mat Studio

Where: 5 Al-Morsalin St. from Shagaret El-Dor St., 1st floor, Apartment 4, Zamalek

Contacts: 011 4446 8888 – 012 2228 1516

Tawazon Studio

Where: 5 Youssef El Guindy St., 2nd floor, Apartment 23, Bab El Louq

Contacts: 010 9555 7266

The Breathing Room

Where: 216 Road 1, Maadi

Contacts: 010 0201 2541

Tamarin Center

Where: 2 Kafr Abdo St., Roshdy

Contacts: 03 544 2194 – 012 8444 8717