By: Amina Hussein 

We all heard the sad news about Left Bank closing down! But here is a good thought, we searched for places in Zamalek that can be close alternatives to Left Bank and Sequoia. Here’s what we arrived to:

1- Qahwa Araby

As the name suggests, this is the perfect place to visit if you want to feel the vibes of an Arab country. The place is a compromise between a coffee shop and a restaurant. It offers tasty homey food that you will love for sure. Qahwa Arby might not be very similar to Left Bank, but it can sure replace the fun you used to have there. The price range is acceptable, around 200EGP/person.

2- The Mood

If you miss Left Bank, this place will be your heaven. It’s a remarkable outing on the Nile where you can create unforgettable memories, celebrating a birthday or an anniversary with your partner. It’s also reasonably price is at 200EGP/person which is very good considering the excellent service they provide.

3- Antique Khana

Old is always gold, and Antique Khana makes you appreciate how classy the old days were. The interiors are fascinating and catch your eyes immediately.

The music days are extremely unique; they actually play all genres of music to satisfy all tastes. You will happily pay here an average 200 EGP/person.

4- Le Deck

left bank

If you’re looking for a fancy venue like Left Bank and Sequoia, you will be pleasantly surprised here. Le Deck’s view is breathtaking. In fact, it’s the perfect place for a first date with its awesome live music. The place offers a French and Japanese menu but is for sure pricey.

5- Pottery Cafe

Pottery Cafe is more of a simple place to hang out with friends and enjoy your flavoursome Shisha and great food. The color scheme of the place is joyful and full of life; it will definitely lift your mood.

Even though it lost Left Bank and Sequoia, Zamalek is still your place to hang out.