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Which Signs Is Pisces Most Compatible With?


Feb 20 – March 19

Compassionate, artistic, intuitive and gentle

Escaping reality, overly trusting, moody and oversensitive

Most Compatible With
Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer and Virgo

You will finally be treated with the same level of care and affection like you have been treating everyone else. You will be valued for who you are. A great adventure is waiting for you right around the corner, stay tuned! As you are drawn to someone who is not your type, many fantastic surprises that will sweep off your feet will be waiting for you.

Love Compatibility

They’re different, yet they click together. They have trouble bonding so they need to work on communication skills to be heard by one another.

The partners can get lost in each other and make their dreams come true. With a magical emotional connection, the relationship can be filled with wonder.

They do not make a dream couple, except when they really do. It’s either they are made for each other or they cannot stand being in the same room. Nothing in between.

They both belong to the element of water. Both are compassionate. But they need to be careful not to get too absorbed in the relationship and keep away from the boring routine.

Though the two signs are very emotional and can actually be great lovers, they will rarely stay to discover this together. Their personalities are way too different to find a way to coexist in a romantic relationship.

These two are opposing signs with a very strong attraction. Their understanding can be perfect. But, they need to balance between reality and dreams.

Living in a fantasy is what this couple can easily go through, thus, they need to be anchored to reality. As long as they don’t try to change each other, their relationship can be inspiring.

In case of reaching enough emotional depth, this couple’s love can last forever. Both are spiritual beings; which makes them the closest thing to connected soulmates. The two of them want the same things; which makes them a perfect match.

Unless they handle each other with extreme care, this can be a disaster waiting to happen. When they respect their differences, they can enjoy a relationship full of laughter, optimism and shared love.

Though they might seem like a weird couple, they actually are a good match. Their ability to bring out the best in each other is the most wonderful side of their relationship.

They can never completely figure each other out; which keeps their attraction strong. They could guarantee a safe emotional space for each other while having a solid bond.

These two are partners in paradox. Being direct as well as using open communication is the portal to a long-lasting relationship, since their chemistry is undeniable