Mountain View

Whether your quarantine started a week or three ago, we all know one thing for a fact; all entertainment facilities are now off limits. We feel you! We definitely know the disappointment and the boredom of having to stare at a screen all day, but who said that that had to last forever or for even a second?

See, Mountain View has decided that their residents aren’t ones for a boring quarantine and so, it has come up with creative ways to spread positivity and joy to keep its residents entertained and sane during an ongoing quarantine.

You remember how fun it was playing board games with your family on those long, chill summer nights, right? How we laughed and mock-fought over who won or who didn’t follow the rules to a tee? Those nights had all the fun, magic, and bonding we deeply miss now, in this technological age.

This is something Mountain View noticed as well, which is it’s bringing that bond back by using this long quarantine to get us off our couches and giving us the ultimate throwback through fun Family Kits to keep us company over weekends to come. A terrific way to unwind during these stressful times.

So, what’s inside these fun Family Kits, you ask? Well, all the fun and games, of course.

In Mountain View’s Family Kit, residents will find old-school family time activities like board games, including Pictionary and the like, to switch up their downtime with some good old school family time!

Moreover, trying to spread hope in these uncertain times, Mountain View also decorated its well-known roundabout in 90th Street in the Fifth Settlement with a colorful assortment of decorations and flowers, all in an effort to invite genuine smiles from the people who matter most—us. For an initiative like this, Mountain View has managed to spread more than just positivity. It’s given us beauty, encouragement, and hope, too, all wrapped up in one pretty picture.

If you can’t go to the fun and games, Mountain View decided the fun and games will come to you!