Restaurants Tagamo3-Only

No one is happier than an Egyptian when an anticipated hangout opens its doors and they get to experience something new. We’ve all seen it happen with the openings of food-spots like Eish w Gebna and other hangouts like the much-awaited Central Perk.

Do you know what else we’ve seen, though? The light leaving everyone’s eyes when they discover that the new place would be Tagamo3-based and only Tagamo3-based.

If we’re being honest, everyone has the right to be iffy about every single new restaurant, cafe, or hangout only opening its doors in one extreme side of Cairo. And we’ll tell you why.

The commute, of course

Yeah, we’re not going to beat around the bush here. We all know the reason most of us hate going out in Tagamo3 is because of how it can literally be a nightmare to actually go.

Just a pointer here, if you’re one of the people who doesn’t hate Tagamo3 commutes, you’re likely living close by. Everyone else suffers.

Tagamo3 is already overrun with hangouts

Quick, can you count how many hangout spots you can find in Tagamo3? Yeah, we didn’t think you could either and we can’t blame you. There are literally too many to count and we doubt any new spot could find success in such a competitive landscape.

While we’re coming off this point for personal gain, we’re also thinking of the owners wanting to make a name for themselves. Spread out, you’ll get more chances elsewhere.

Other districts are more scenic

You can’t argue around this point. While Tagamo3 is very industrial and business-like in essence, no hangout located there really has the soul that it could have had if it was in West El-Balad, El-Korba, or any other neighborhood.

If more hangouts open in other more scenic spots, can you even imagine how grand they’d all be?Can’t picture it? Okay, just imagine if Central Perk opened in the West El-Balad street pictured above. Now, you get it.

New hangout owners seem to literally forget the existence of people outside of New Cairo

We don’t exactly know how many people live in New Cairo but we can safely say that not everyone lives there. People actually are spread out all over Cairo.

The fact that the anticipated spots are only focusing their attention on one location kind of screams exclusion, which really isn’t nice to feel, all things considering. We’re really not asking for much. Just a few hangouts every now and then. Please.

Honestly, Cairo is a big city. Please, spread out.